Macon Food Story Viewers Give Back


Macon Food Story viewers anonymously donate a new stove, washer, dryer and microwave to Tonya Wright after her story aired during the Macon Food Story special.

“I don’t know what to say besides thank you. Thank you, Jesus,” she said.

Tonya’s had five strokes over the last few years, and is now the single caretaker of her son, Aubrey.

Both suffer from a neurological disorder called Leigh’s Syndrome. While sharing her story about food, two Macon Food Story viewers noticed something else — appliances desperately needing an upgrade.

“The stove worked when I bought the house. It worked two weeks. It hasn’t worked since,” she said.

What happened next overwhelmed her.

“I’m not used to having things done for me. I always took care of myself and can’t anymore,” she said.

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