Georgia Department of Human Services gives quick response

Gets a B for contact and A for response

Agency contacted: Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS)

Records that were requested: Contract for the conversion of WIC benefits from paper to debit cards.

When did you first hear back? I  was redirected to Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) on Oct. 14, who I was told might have better information regarding what I was looking for.

Describe the response: It took me one business day to receive a response from DHS with a redirection to DPH. After contacting DPH I have received an initial confirmation email immediately, but nothing further than that.

Did the agency request a fee? There were no charges associated with my requests.

Assign a grade for contact/process: The process to find the contact was relatively easy for DHS so I would give them a B. Their website makes it pretty easy to find information for open records ; however, DHS they did not have the same person in charge of open records as they listed online and it was a little difficult finding who to contact as it wasn’t explicitly on the website. DPH was an easily accessible site to request open records as they have their own portal and contact information for them that is easily accessible through their website, so for that they get an A.

Assign a grade for response: In terms of response DHS gets an A. While they did not have what I needed, they were very timely in their response, and tried to point me in the right direction. Despite the ease of the website, I haven’t gotten any official contact from the DPH yet so I would give them a D until I receive a proper response with further information. 

See the full report card here.

Grading scale for agency’s ease of contacting agency staff and finding or filing for public records.

A: Agency uses an online portal or has a clearly defined process or contact on its website for requesting public records. An “A” agency may also provide the most commonly requested records on its website already such as agendas and meeting minutes.

B: Agency has some public information online such as meeting agendas or meeting times but additional information on how to request public information is not available.

C: Agency website has contact information for staff but nothing specific about how to request public information.

D: Agency has limited contact information on its website but it is not clearly labeled and/or easily accessible.

F: Agency contact information or how to get public records is not available on the website 


Grade scale for agency’s overall responsiveness and compliance with open records law

A: Provided records within the three-day window or less

B Acknowledgment of request within the three-day requirement but records were provided after three days.

C:  Acknowledged the request but then put forth a long timetable for response or requested a high fee or retrieval price for what should be a digital record and/or PDF that could be emailed.

D: Acknowledged the request but no further information or follow-up.

F:  No response