Christèle Parham on cultivating a healthy ecosystem for Black creatives

Co-founder of Macon Black Tech and HamTECH Solutions, Christèle Parham shares her love of Macon and her experience cultivating community in the tech and innovation space here.


“There’s something about this city that makes you fall in love with it,” she says of Macon.


As a consultant and the founder of two companies, Parham recognizes that building something is hard and often isolating.


“For founders, a lot of times there’s this level of loneliness that comes as you’re building something new,” she says.


Early on in moving to Macon, Parham saw a need and felt called to fill it.


“We did some research and realized that a lot of times, there wasn’t a safe space for people to build in that in the tech and innovation space locally. We found out that this space felt intimidating and unwelcoming for some people here,” Parham says, “so what we wanted to do is build a space where people Black people that look like us can feel comfortable building.”


Parham is dedicated to building a healthy local ecosystem for Black creatives through non-traditional events and networking. She works to push others to nurture their genius and become their best, full selves.