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Cost of COVID: fitness first

Amyre Makupson November 9, 2020

The quarantine 15 … that's a silly way some people are describing the weight gain they've experienced at home during the Covid-19 lockdown. As we continue our series looking at the Cost of COVID Amyre...

WMUB Report: Unique start to the school year

Grant Goupil October 12, 2020

Host: School has been different this year, whether it be social distancing, or zoom classes, or wearing a mask in almost any situation in class or in public areas filled with people. I'm Greg Goupil. Today,...

WMUB Report: COVID-19 and athletics

Grant Goupil October 12, 2020

Host: The start of the school year has been different from any other type of school year. COVID-19 has made school systems vastly different than years past. Hello, I'm Grant Goupil. Here at Mercer, University...

WMUB Report: COVID-19 and student transportation

Noah Grant, Student October 9, 2020

Host: The year 2020 has been shaped by the rise of COVID-19 the lives of students and staff members of schools more than most. Hello, I'm Noah Grant. school systems across the world have taken unprecedented...

Families find support in Macons Jays Hope organization, a non-profit supporting families dealing with childhood cancer.

WMUB Report: Jay’s Hope

Lanissa Rozier, Student October 9, 2020

Host: Today we will be welcoming Christy Johnson from local nonprofit Jay's Hope. Why don't you start by telling us a little bit about Jays hope. Guest: Absolutely, Jay's Hope was started almost 15...

WMUB News Report: Bondable Pups

Amyre Makupson October 5, 2020

Host: I'm Lanissa Rozier, welcome to WMUB. Today we'll be welcoming Deputy Brandi McClure from the Bibb County Sheriff's Office to tell us a little bit abut their bondable pups program. Can you start by...

WMUB Report: Campus Appreciation

Grant Goupil October 1, 2020

Host: Mercy University is known for being a campus full of beauty and history. When walking onto the campus, it can be quick to be struck by the buildings and historic grounds. I have with me today Mercer...

WMUB Report: from processed to natural

Amyre Makupson September 16, 2020

Host: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for joining us. On today's segment we're talking about natural hair, specifically their transition on how natural hair has become more common. Joining...

WMUB Report: praise during the pandemic

Amyre Makupson September 16, 2020

Host: This year all around the world COVID-19 has forced a lot of changes on traditional religious services. Hello, I'm Lillian King, Mulberry Methodist Church in Macon had to quickly learn how to navigate...

WMUB Report: Staying active during a pandemic

Amyre Makupson September 8, 2020

Host: Good afternoon. Thanks for joining us. On today's segment we're talking about health; specifically how to remain healthy by exercising through this pandemic. Initially, at the start of the pandemic,...

Peacing Together: Movies With a Message

Amyre Makupson March 15, 2020

"Macon has a youth violence problem because of Macon itself," said Carl Myers with Equality Enterprises: After moving here from New York, Myers noticed something. "If you drive around Macon, it's...

WMUB News Minute: Ethan Stair

Richard Garcia, Student March 10, 2020

Today I spoke with Mercer University guard Ethan Stair about his class nomination and award acknowledging and individuals’ accomplishments in the classroom, community, competition and character. "I...

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