Lots of Food, Very Little Masks at Cherry Blossom

The 2021 Cherry Blossom Food Truck Frenzy took place on March 28, 2021. The frenzy had food trucks from all over the South. 

A mask was required to enter the Food Truck Frenzy, but that rule was loosely enforced once people entered the venue. Even though few people were wearing masks this didn’t stop hungry customers from enjoying the food trucks.

The event had live music provided by DJ Laura Starling. Starling does the morning show at WDEN radio and she has worked there since 1987.

“The food trucks oh my gosh! I had a grouper taco and ice cream and it was amazing, it was really good food!” Starling said about the food from the trucks. 

In front of Starling, there was an area for attendees to dance and eat. Irving Johnson, also known as “Swirvin Irvin” was the frenzy’s most active dancer, holding the attention of the crowd effortlessly.

“I was just blessed with the moves. I was first inspired by James Brown. I saw him on tv one day and the next time I saw him on tv I was dancing and doing the moves with him,” said Johnson. 

One of the trucks in attendance was Queen Churro. The truck has desserts like churro donuts, churro sundaes, chicken and churros, and a royal churro milkshake topped with a churro, a marshmallow, and whipped cream.

Angela Ash a customer of the truck said she was thankful that the people working the truck were wearing their masks and that they are nice.

Sharron Carter enjoys her food in front of the Makara food truck at the Cherry Blossom Food Truck Frenzy on March 27, 2021. Carter said she felt good and it was nice to see people she knows. (Larry Sullivan)

“Not a whole lotta people are wearing masks, but I’m thankful for the ones that are,” said Ash.

Another truck in attendance was the Burger Brothers food truck. The truck had food like the crispy chicken burger, a grilled chicken breast burger, and hot dogs.

Willie Stethens a customer of the Burger Brothers food truck ordered the cheeseburger. 

“I would like more people to wear their masks but to each their own,” said Stethens.

A Makara food truck was also at the festival. The menu for the truck included fries and different types of gyros.

Sharron Carter bought fries, a chicken gyro, and sweet tea from the truck. Carter said she felt good and it was nice to see people she knows on a beautiful day. 

The Jerk Brothers food truck also made an appearance at the festival. They had options like jerk chicken tacos, oxtails, curry chicken, and other jerk and curry options as well. 

Earnestine Broady ordered the jerk chicken with sides of peas, rice, and cabbage.

“I feel very comfortable since we are in an outdoorsy setting. If you are aware you know to social distance,” said Broady. 

The frenzy also had trucks from Salsa’s Mexican Grill, Island Chef Cafe, Country Cabin, and plenty others.

Customers from all over the South came to enjoy the Food Truck Frenzy and the variety of food offered, but there was not a variety of people wearing their masks. This however did stop anyone from enjoying the food trucks.