Little Richard Festival

The Little Richard House Resource Center and the Macon Bibb County Community Enhancement Authority will host the Little Richard House Festival on March 27.

The festival celebrates the life and legacy of Little Richard, who was born  Richard Wayne Penniman and grew up in Macon’s Pleasant Hill neighborhood. The Little Richard House commemorates him as an artist and his impact on the Macon community, according to

The festival will also be celebrating the anniversary of The Little Richard’s House Resource center’s third year of service to the downtown Macon community, according to The center plans

fundraisers and community events for the local community, including tutoring, job searching, and food services.

For those who may not be able to visit the landmark in person, The Little Richard House Resource

Center provides a virtual tour of the house on their website. The virtual tour takes you through some of the rooms of the Little Richard home as well as gives you an in-depth look at the functions of the resource center and its purpose in the surrounding community.

Theresia Jahja, a long time resident of Macon, is looking forward to the event.

“I appreciate Macon’s beautiful preservation of unique historical places, rich history, and vibrant atmosphere,” Jahja said.

The festival will start at 10 a.m. and will feature van tours of the Pleasant Hill community as well as a tours of Little Richard’s childhood home, games, and live music, according to