Library game night

The community that plays together, stays together.

Middle Georgia Regional Libraries are hoping online gaming nights will help keep people connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

On March 22, the library system will host a “tabletop game night” through the virtual platform, Twitch. 

“It focuses mainly on role play games,” said Jennifer Lautzenheiser, Director of Libraries for the Middle Georgia Regional Libraries. 

The games are similar to other popular tabletop games like “Dungeons and Dragons.” 

The transition from in-person game nights to virtual are part of an on-going effort by the library to give people in the community a chance to interact with one another.

“One of the things that we pride ourselves on is the delivery of information and improving people’s lives through information. But it’s also very important that we meet those social needs for people. And there are a lot of folks that look to the library for that social connection,” Lautzenheiser said. 

For those not interested in or able to connect with games,  but still interested in a creative outlet, the library has several other programs happening as well.

“We’re not just focused on folks who have virtual access, we have programming provided curbside and for pickup for people who miss some of those tangible things of the library. So we have craft pickups, and other activities,” Lautzenheiser said.

All of the programs, both pick-up and virtual, are free unless otherwise noted. Sylvia O’Bear, the marketing coordinator for MGRL says the best way to keep up with everything happening at the library is social media.

“Our virtual programming, Adulting 101, Macon Readers and virtual storytime are all on Facebook,” O’Bear said. “Just search Middle Georgia Regional Library or MGRLibrary.”

If you want to join these activities, join the Middle Georgia Regional Library newsletter. There will be a signup link and social media account you can follow to stay updated!.