“Macon Love:” Pickleball in Tattnall Square Park


Pickleball is a simple sport that has been sweeping the nation. Paul Midkiff, ambassador for USA Pickleball and president of the Macon Pickleball Association (MPA), hosted the first tournament on Tattnall Square Park’s newly converted Pickleball courts on Feb. 21, 2021. The “Macon Love” mixed doubles tournament boasted a turnout of nearly 100 people both days of the event.

Crowds began showing up on Feb. 21, 2021, at Tattnall Square Park at 9 a.m., and the first match of the “Macon Love” mixed doubles tournament started at 10 a.m. Photo by Henry Keating


During Ruiz and Fosters’ second match, they faced off against the father-daughter duo of Steven and Ripley Bennett. Photo by Henry Keating


Paul Midkiff, president of Macon Pickleball, stands, surveying the first match of “Macon Love.” “This is really the first tournament we’ve run out here,” Midkiff said. “Last tournament, Habitat’s, we had 140, this one was 100, and we have, in April, the Cherry Blossom tournament, right now we have almost 200 people signed up for it, we hope to get that to 250.” Photo by Henry Keating


Roger Ruiz rushes forward to catch a short tap before it hits the ground in the first match of the mixed doubles tournament. “50% of the hard ones, I’ve hit back.” Roger Ruiz said. Photo by Henry Keating


Eddie Stokes reaches out to block the ball smacked to his side by Kitty Foster. Photo by Henry Keating


Roger Ruiz returns the wiffle in his first match of the day with Kitty Foster against Eddie Stokes and Angela Briant. Photo by Henry Keating


Kitty Foster and Roger Ruiz clank paddles with their opponents Steven and Ripley Bennett after a hard-fought match. Photo by Henry Keating