Three Pandemic-Friendly Macon Bar Alternatives


Disclaimer: We all love the vibrant establishments that define the soulful downtown of Macon. Whether you’re dancing to the point of sweat at the Crazy Bull or you’re enjoying a nice cocktail to Rocketman at the Piano Bar, there is a place for everyone. However, COVID-19 has curtailed the frequency of our visits to these beloved bars. Fortunately, here are three at-home alternatives to the vibes you get from three of Macon’s finest. 

  • 1. Cashman’s Pub

You go for the $10 fishbowls on Friday night, but you stay for the good company and even better live music. Usually, that means a local band performing an acoustic set. Luckily, this intoxicating energy is easily replicated. Here’s what you’ll need to take Cashman’s to your home: 

  • A person who can play guitar (if such a person doesn’t exist in your life, cue up a live acoustic playlist)
  • Any fishbowl you can find. Spherical ones are my personal favorite!
  • At least three different types of liquor and three different mixers. Variety is your friend.

2. Macon’s Dueling Piano Bar

Sing us a song, you’re the piano bar. While the bar’s name implies a sort of competitiveness, the feel of this back alley soul zone is strictly friendly. It has a warm, on-key atmosphere, so the at-home alternative requires some creativity. Here’s what I mean: 

  • A single keyboard and someone to play it, maybe not well! 
  • A piano-heavy playlist with people to sing along 
  • Lights turned down low. Ambiance is everything.

3. Society Garden

Wildcard! This bar is not even downtown, which is fun. Gravel, wooden stage and string lights — you’ve been to a place like this. They have a great selection of local craft beers as well as some delicious hard slushies. Just like the other bars, live music is a staple of this establishment. Here’s how you can bring the society to your own garden: 

  • String lights (52 feet is a good start)
  • Three six packs of Macon craft beer 
  • Acoustic guitar person, again! Or you can cue up a rock music live playlist. Or both. That’s your business.