3 Underrated Netflix Original Shows


Quarantine has turned everyone’s lives upside down. Though we may try to adapt to not being able to freely leave our homes, the boredom has begun setting in. If you’ve officially exhausted your Netflix list and are looking for some fun shows to binge, look no further.

1. The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Imagine if Martha Stewart met the Addams family, and you have the Curious Creations of Christine McConnell. The show is a hybrid of a traditional cooking show and a sitcom, following Christine and the colorful cast of mysterious individuals in her home. While it’s unlikely for anyone to be able to mimic the treats that Christine creates, the whimsical world, fun characters and gorgeous creations makes it a great show to binge watch in a few hours.

2. Raising Dion

Being a single mother isn’t an easy task, especially when one’s child begins developing superpowers. Raising Dion follows the titular character’s mother as she struggles to deal with Dion’s budding powers, the mystery surrounding her husband’s death and the threat that it now poses to their son. The show features a diverse cast of characters and takes the time to highlight the realities that those characters have to deal with as working class, Black or disabled people. While the latter half of the first season’s pacing is a bit too frenetic pulling the storylines together, the performances keep it believable at every step. The series has been renewed for a second season, but the release date is currently unknown.

3. Locke & Key

The Locke siblings expect to be bored when they move to their father’s family home after his murder, but when they begin discovering mysterious keys with unique abilities, they realize there’s more to their family history than meets the eye. While the high school plotlines aren’t particularly strong, the main arc surrounding Keyhouse, along with the exploration of the siblings’ trauma about their father’s death, make up for it. The second season is predicted to premiere in 2021 and has been preemptively renewed for a third season.

If none of these shows appeal to you, don’t worry! Netflix releases new originals frequently, which are at the top of the platform whenever you open the website or app. What are other original shows that you think are underrated?