Halloween Pet Costumes You Can Make At Home


Don’t forget about your furry friends when planning Halloween costumes this year. Here’s five easy, cheap and last minute costume ideas for your pets. The only hard part will be getting your fur baby to stand still long enough for the adorable pictures to come.


  1. Cat in the Hat

To recreate Dr. Seuss’ famous feline, just add a red bowtie made of cloth or paper to your kitty’s collar. You’ll also need a kitty-sized red and white striped hat, or try your hand at sewing it yourself. If your cat has white paws, you’re in luck. Cat in the Hat wears white gloves that can also be recreated with white cloth on those fur babies without white paws.

      2. Kitty Witch

For the more fur-ocious feline, a witch hat and tiny broom will do the trick. You can make a cat hat with black cloth or construction paper. If you’re feeling extra spooky, use an old t-shirt to make a kitty cloak too.


  1. Scooby Doo

If your pup is any shade of brown, Scooby Doo is an easy ensemble. He wears a blue collar and a gold and blue name tag. You can make the collar by covering your dog’s existing collar with blue cloth or paper. The name tag can be made quickly at a kiosk that can be found in some grocery and outdoor stores. You can also recreate Scooby’s spots with some dog-friendly color hair spray.

     2. Puppy Ghost

Perhaps the easiest option is this classic canine costume. All you need is a white sheet or pillow case and puppy model. Cut out eye holes and a nose hole then hope your pup doesn’t ditch the costume too soon.

    3. Ty Beanie Puppy

For the pet that already looks cute enough to be fake, turning them into a beanie baby shouldn’t be hard. Just cut a heart out of cardboard and draw the Ty logo. Attach it to your fur baby’s collar and it should last all Halloween.