How did NuWay become famous for its red hot dogs and flaky ice?


If you’ve ever been in Macon Georgia you’ve probably seen a Nu-Way Weiners. Their famous red hot dogs and flaky ice are a couple of the city’s staples.

The first Nu-Way was opened on Cotton Avenue when Greek immigrant James Mallis moved from New York to Macon and noticed a lack of hot dog carts on the street. Mallis saw an opportunity to make something new of an age old tradition.

Now, its owners are third generation and have expanded the operation to nine different locations across Middle Georgia.

You might be wondering what makes their hot dogs red? Well the answer is simple: food dye. Just that one little quirk has had patrons coming back for 100 years.

Current owner Jim Cacavias says that the region’s support over the years has been humbling.

“We hear a Nu-Way story everyday. But god, out most faithful? Everybody in Macon and Middle Georgia,” Cacavias said.