The Zoom Experience


Nicole Bailey-Covin

Some Mercer students had mixed views about 2020 Fall semester that included both in person and zoom class meetings.

 It’s no question that zoom has allowed a much easier way to conduct classes in today’s times. Nobody will argue that zoom has allowed teachers and students to work hand in hand with each other on getting classwork completed and learning the subject matter.  Some Mercer professors taught classes this semester using both Zoom and in person options for various reasons including COVID-19. However, there are some issues that come into fruition for students as they continue working with classes on Zoom. 

 “You know as easy as it is to have class online, it also makes it harder on me, and well I guess the rest of the students as well. It’s difficult to have some classes on Zoom and some classes in class as well.” Junior Rick Lester said about his classes. Being able to attend both a Zoom class or an in person class has allowed students to decide which type of class they want to have that day. But, has it been beneficial?

“I truly feel that it allows students and including me to be a little more lackluster with their work honestly. I mean if I just want to go to class that day then I go, but if I don’t, I can just hop online and go to class? I personally feel that it has made me be less accountable of myself and be lazier on assignments and projects.” Lester said. 

 Another student felt a different type of way about Zoom classes. “You know I feel that you are either going to do the work needed or you are not, whether that be in person or on Zoom, so for me it really doesn’t matter when it comes to whether or not it allows students to be less attentive to their work or not because they will either do it or they won’t.” Senior Darien Wiggins said. 

 The question of whether or not Zoom has allowed students to get away with more in class and on assignments seems to have mixed feelings. What may be the real take-a-way is not whether or not Zoom impacted the completion of work. Students clearly must complete assignments whether in class or on  Zoom. The real issue is that Zoom may have changed the way school work gets done. It changed the way students take on school assignments. For most Mercer students the bottom line is either doing the work or not.  The Zoom experience also impacted whether or not classes or assignments have become easier because of Zoom. 

Zoom usage, especially in education, increased in 2020 after America and the world experienced the Covid-19 pandemic.  Early in the pandemic, quarantining and other safety measures became necessary, and in person teaching was limited. 

According to Wikipida, Zoom or Zoom Video Communications, Inc. was founded by Eric Yuan in 2011, and launched in 2013. 

Today, the Zoom experience is common for both students and adults. Zoom is an accepted technology, even as some Mercer college students wrestle with how they are using it.