5 Reasons to go natural


About four years ago, I made the decision to go natural. For a long time, I always said I would never go natural. I thought my hair would be too difficult to handle. Then, on Feb. 26, 2016, I made the decision that my last perm would be my last perm. 

It was a difficult journey. It’s hard to have transitioning hair where one part is straight and the other part is curly. I used to hide behind different protective styling just to avoid dealing with my hair. 

After about a year and a half of transitioning, I cut off all of the straight hair and went completely natural. 

Here are some reasons I recommend going natural.

1.You get to wear your hair in its most natural state 

It really gives you the chance to embrace your hair in its element. I gained a new level of confidence that I didn’t have when I had chemically straight hair.

2. There are so many different styles you can do

Whether it’s braid outs, twist outs, wash n go’s, bantu knots, etc. there are so many different styles to discover. You can be a different person every day with all the styles you can do. 

3. Perms are damaging 

Chemically changing your hair is damaging. You are walking around with damage and quite frankly, it’s not very cute. 

4. Healthier

By wearing your hair in its natural state, your hair becomes healthier. Healthier hair allows you to retain length. 

5. Voluminous 

The level of volume that your hair has when you are natural is incomparable and, truly, who doesn’t want that?

Natural hair has some kinks, but it’s all things we can deal with. I believe that everybody should go natural. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made.