WMUB Report: to serve and protect

Host: In this time of confusion and turmoil brought about by the highly contagious virus COVID-19, Public Safety and peace of mind become increasingly more important for the citizens of Macon. Hello, I’m Noah Grant. Putting oneself in danger for the safety of the city is a job that few would find easy, especially in the year defined by a pandemic in general societal unrest. Today, I’m joined by Hannah Witherington of Macon Bibb County Sheriff’s Office with an inside look into the work and difficulties of the Macomb police officer. So give me the rundown on your job. What is your daily routine at work consists of?

Guest: I’m on patrol. So I get there in the morning, and we start taking calls, various calls of the day. patrol is to me, I feel like it’s the center of the sheriff’s office because we get all types of calls from death, domestic, even, we handle traffic accidents as well.

Host: Are there any struggles involved with the job that most people wouldn’t know about?

Guest: Well, the obvious ones, I mean, we deal with death a lot more than the normal person I think should which makes it difficult. And also, you know, we’re kind of the middleman in between people in their relationships. You know, my, you know, it’s it’s funny, because I’ll come on scene and I don’t know these people, but by the end of it, we’re all friends. Friends. My job is great. I have a great job. It’s good.

Host: I understand that you’re married. Has your job had any significant impacts on your life outside of work? If you’re comfortable sharing?

Guest: We were together before I started with Bibb County. So she knew my job, obviously. She knows that it’s the job that I like to do. So she gives me that. She’s like every other wife that beers when their significant other goes to work. I mean, obviously, I put on a bulletproof vest for a reason. So, but she knows I’m coming home at the end of the day.

Host: Is COVID-19 greatly affected your job so far?

Guest: To an extent, I guess, like the rest of the world, I mean, we wear masks now, which is kind of, it is what it is, I guess. And people are under more understanding because they don’t want an outsider coming into their house, me being the outsider. So they allow, you know, the distance and stuff. So I mean, it’s just one of those things that people are making part of their daily lives, right, not too complicated.

Host: You have any last few insights that you’d like to share with us regarding the life of a police officer?

Guest: Other than we all have a job to do. I believe truly that there are more good of us than there are bad. People that serve in a in a community actually love the community that they serve contrary or what they may believe are here, but I love my job.