WMUB Report: Campus Appreciation

Host: Mercy University is known for being a campus full of beauty and history. When walking onto the campus, it can be quick to be struck by the buildings and historic grounds. I have with me today Mercer University student Darrien Wiggins. Darien is a senior at Mercer has been around this campus for three years now. What would you say is your favorite part about this campus?

Guest: My favorite part about this campus is the scenery and the people that’s on the campus.

Host: When you first saw this campus, what was your initial thoughts?

Guest: My initial thoughts were that this is going to be a big campus and it’s really going to take away from the experience of the one on one experience that I was supposed to have, but that’s not the case.

Host: Mercer has really begun to expand some of its campus as of recently. What are some of the new additions that you feel really bring this campus to even more life?

Guest: Some of the new additions are at the football stadium, the renovations in the caf and I would like to say the Penfield/Cruz area.

Host: What about the lofts, maybe?

Guest: The lofts, as well. The lofts have also added phase 7 and phase 5 which adds more of a campus life for students, off campus.

Host: What would you say that people who have never seen this campus before might think when they first walked onto it?

Guest: They will say this is a very beautiful campus. Everything about this campus you know, is well organized. The buildings are magnificent, and this, the scenery just from above.

Host: Would you think that maybe people might think it’s pretty clean?

Guest: Yes, of course. The way Mercer is structured, set-up, it’s a very clean campus.

Host: Weather plays a role in how this campus looks. With fall coming up, how different does this campus look during the fall period, especially with you know, the changing of the leaves and going on, soon really.

Guest: It brings a sort of aesthetic where it’s very pleasing and calming, you know, to walk around the campus. One day you might get up out of your room if you don’t have any classes, take a walk as you go down Cruz or to go to the cafe you know, you might sit on the Cruz lot, chill with your friends, maybe read a book, listen to music.

Host: Did the campus have anything to do with you know why you chose to come to Mercer or most strictly because of academics?

Guest: No, there was a little bit of both. Specifically academics, but once I came to the campus and I saw what this campus was about and I saw how great it looked, I could really see myself being here. I could see myself walking to the caf every day. I could see myself hanging out with my friends, you know on the bench or even in Hawkins Arena.