WMUB Report: COVID-19 and student transportation


Amyre Makupson

Bus drivers in Monroe County, Georgia, are taking extra steps to lower to risk of COVID-19 exposure to students.

Host: The year 2020 has been shaped by the rise of COVID-19 the lives of students and staff members of schools more than most. Hello, I’m Noah Grant. school systems across the world have taken unprecedented measures to ensure that their students and faculty are safe from the spread of covid 19. The transportation to and from school being no exception. Ed Mitchell was employed as a bus driver from Monroe County school system and some with some insight on this new safety protocol. So tell me a little bit about your job as a bus driver.

Guest: I pick up high school and middle school students from basically the south west part of the county and take them to Monroe County Middle School and Mary Persons High School and return him in the afternoon.

Host: When the school year started for you, how much did COVID-19 change the way you normally operate?

Guest: It started when the school year didn’t start; everything was completely changed. Everything really changed; everything.

Host: Being an older age group. Do you ever worry about the risk of COVID?

Guest: Sure. Sure.

Host: Do you think the outbreak has affected the kids that ride your bus?

Guest: Little people are much more wear their mask and do a good job. But high school students all wear the mask all the time they The only problem are the people who think they know it all that some middle school students, you have to keep reminding them but it’s they’re all wearing a mask and doing their things.

Host: Could you tell me a little bit about how you personally reduce the risk on your bus?

Guest: Well, we set the buses up with different spacing seating on the bus. But I don’t do a lot of things I used to do. I pretty much stay in my driver’s seat and try and you know, what I touch separate from what the students touch and wear my mask all the time. We have to set the example for the kids.

Host: With the numbers of COVID-19 infections still being high in the United States. Do you have any advice for the students or their parents at home?

Guest: Wear the mask.