Mercer students, faculty navigate COVID-19 complexities in shortened semester

March of this year was memorable for college students across the nation. One second students were in class, dreaming of spring break, and the next they were packing up their belongings and heading back home.

Over summer break, colleges made the tough decision to either open up or remain online for the 2020-21 school year. Mercer University chose to reopen with coronavirus safety guidelines for in-person learning.

Since students have returned to campus, the university has updated its testing protocols and isolation guidelines for students based on the latest information from the CDC. Masks are also required for everyone on campus.

“It’s an interesting experience,” Zachary Lanier, a sophomore, said. “We all thought things would be back to normal after the summer.”

At the beginning of the school year, Mercer’s Student Government Association encouraged students to not only wear their masks, but to remember social distancing. The SGA made a video which featured students around the campus explaining why they wear a mask.

Courtesy of Mercer University SGA

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