Photo Essay: Blight in Macon


Macon is host to many buildings and homes that see typical use on a daily basis. But among these are buildings that have been abandoned or ‘blighted,’ providing a haven to squatters or decaying entirely.

A blighted residence on Pio Nono Avenue that has been taken over by the vegetation in the front yard, becoming obscured behind the greenery. Photo by Noah Grant
2095 Mercer University Drive holds a blighted building with a ripped apart wall still intact from its younger years. Photo by Noah Grant
An old business with its doors long shut. Photo by Noah Grant
An empty home on Mercer University Drive with boarded windows and blockaded doors. Photo by Noah Grant
An abandoned commercial building on the corner of Lawton Drive and Lawton Avenue. Photo by Noah Grant

A home on Lawton Drive left with the scars of fire on its empty front porch. Photo by Noah Grant
Home on 816 Patterson St. uninhabited and defaced with graffiti. Photo by Noah Grant