The sounds of Rose Hill Cemetery


The sights and sounds of a graveyard are typically the same in every cemetery, but Rose Hill Cemetery is a bit more unique than other typical cemeteries. It could be due to the fact that the cemetery has existed since 1840, or it could be the numerous well-known figures that are buried there. What really makes this cemetery so unique is the detail and architecture of its graves.

This unique statue has been broken across the entire statue, yet still remains strong. Photo by Grant Coupil
The Blount statue with the cross and a woman statue overlooks the Ocmulgee river. Photo by Grant Coupil
These cross statues are unique with their different types of plants engraved in the statue. Photo by Grant Coupil
The tall monument style statue is over top of a family grave. Photo by Grant Coupil
This statue which is scripted with the death of Robert A. Smith in 1862 is unique. Especially with the hands of the angel broken off. Photo by Grant Coupil