Photo story: First responders during COVID-19


Who comes to mind when we think about having no time off? What business is open on every single holiday, 24 hours a day, seven days a week? The only people that check all of those boxes are our first responders and emergency service. No matter the time or day, they are standing by and waiting to come to the rescue.
Aside from being society’s heroes, first responders are still people. They live their life sacrificing for those they don’t know, but they still laugh, cry and enjoy themselves, just like anyone else.

Andrew Howorth, an ICU Nurse at Coliseum Medical Center, poses for a portrait outside the building during a rare moment of free time. “I haven’t decompressed since May. I’m afraid that if I do, my body will fall apart,” Howorth said. (La’Nissa Rozier)


Jennifer Jones, who works in marketing at Coliseum Health System, takes a photo of aunt and niece Brenda James and Candi Ussery. James is a Medical Laboratory Technologist at the Macon Coliseum and Ussery, her niece, is the emergency room director at Coliseum Northside Hospital. (La’Nissa Rozier)


Administrative officers Colonel Aubrey Evins, Sergeant Linda Howard and
Colonel Henderson Carswell (left to right) joke about who will pay for their morning coffee and share a laugh during some down time in the office. Lieutenant Howard loses. (La’Nissa Rozier)


Sergeant Linda Howard showing some love to Butternut, one of the dogs from the Bibb County Sheriff Office’s Bondable Pups program. (La’Nissa Rozier)


Bibb County Sheriff Office’s ‘Bondable Pups’ manager Deputy Brandi McClure plays with Butternut after a long morning of training.
(La’Nissa Rozier)


Battalion Chief Michael Williamson, Private Jason Hill, Private James Rushin and Private Jake Bowker (left to right) prepare to have lunch together at the Fire Station 10. (La’Nissa Rozier)


Private Peyton Kell (left) and Private James Rushin (right) finish preparing lunch for the station. What’s on the menu? Parmesan chicken tenderloins, yellow and green squash, and seasoned potatoes. (La’Nissa Rozier)