Paid drive-in audience needed for daredevil TV show at Macon Coliseum


Liz Fabian

The Macon Coliseum will host a new reality TV daredevil competition in September with a tailgating audience in the parking lot.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a blindfolded person walk across a pit of alligators, Monster Trucks leaping into the air or amazing sword-swallowers, a great opportunity awaits.

A new reality cable television show is recruiting a lively drive-in audience for taping at the Macon Coliseum in September.

“During this time of social distancing, we are reimaging the live television audiences with a new drive-in experience! Come witness some of the most extraordinary, death-defying acts you’ll have to see to believe!” the casting call states.

Aaron Buzza, the camera-ready liaison for Visit Macon, said production crews have been in town for about a week preparing the Coliseum to set the stage for these daredevil acts.

“It’s going to be a significant event,” Buzza said Thursday.

Daredevils will compete for a $100,000 prize.

The show will be filming for about 4-5 hours on each of three nights: Sept. 1, 2, and 18.

Participants must register online and are encouraged to bring friends for a no-alcohol tailgating party in the parking lot.

The registrant and up to three others in a vehicle each will receive a $50 travel stipend for the production.

The Macon Coliseum has been hosting movies in the parking lot in the age of COVID-19, but the reality show tailgating audience will be the first of its kind.

Each car will have an area about the size of a two-car garage to decorate and enjoy as the action is shown on a huge movie screen outdoors and audio is broadcast over the car radio.

“We want a party atmosphere at the show – bring chairs, food and drinks. Decorate your car, bring face-paint, dress up and have fun watching… and you might well be featured on TV!” the casting call announces.

Everyone must wear face coverings and appropriate PPE during the whole show, which will include celebrity judges and a comedian host.

In the age of COVID-19, don’t expect the stars to be dining at your favorite restaurant or mingling out in public.

“It’s interesting to see the precautions this show is taking,” Buzza said.

He expects the crew to be in town for about a month with the majority of the filming for the show to be done here.

No further information about the show’s network or its title is being released at this time.

The online casting call at allows you to pick one or all three of the dates, but you are asked to only select the dates you can confirm attendance.

“The more fun people are having, the more enthusiastic they are, the more likely they will be able to see themselves on TV,” Buzza said. “It’s very exciting.”

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