School nutrition workers keep Bibb County students fed during the pandemic

Bibb county schools are closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, school closures make it hard for some students to access nutritious food.  

Timikel Sharpe, Executive Director of School Nutrition in Bibb county is working with her team to deliver food to students outside of school. 

Sharpe says, “This is the first time we’ve been faced with this type of an opportunity as child nutrition workers and organizations to serve children outside of the actual school on a day to day basis”.

Some parents have to make up for school cafeterias being closed by providing breakfast and lunch for their kids. However, economic turmoil as a result of the virus combined with existing food insecurity makes it very difficult.

“If we didn’t do what we’re doing today, it leaves a really big void,” Sharpe said. 

The Child Nutrition Program provides resources to make meals. The meals are cooked at a central kitchen then transported to the schools to be prepared. Then, school nutrition workers deliver the food into the community. 

Anna Gilchrist, a School Nutrition manager says, “I didn’t really ever look at our work as essential, It’s something that we’ve always done”.

Gilchrist and her team use proper sanitation methods and incorporate social distancing into their routine when delivering food.

“These are scary times and kids don’t understand it as well. But they’re showing up and as long as they’re showing up. We’re showing up,” Gilchrist said.