5 Country things to keep you busy in quarantine


Fishing is a great way to spend your time during quarantine. Fishing takes a while to accomplish, but nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than catching a fish. It is the best of both worlds because it eats time up and gives you a satisfying goal to accomplish. It is also a good skill to learn.


Changing the lures on your fishing poles

Another way to spend time during quarantine is after you’re done fishing or before you go fishing is to change the lures on your rod and reel. Depending on the different types of places you’re fishing or the type of fish you’re trying to catch there are a variety of lures to use and attach to your fishing pole. 


Working on your truck

If your vehicle is anything like mine it has problems all the time. Whether it’s a simple oil change or a tire rotation it is always something good to do to keep your vehicle safe. Also, it takes up some of the boredom festering from this virus. This is also a good skill to learn just in case you ever need it.


Walking through the woods

I like to do this even when we are not in quarantine. Walking through the woods is just as peaceful as sitting on a beach for some people, including me. You see many of nature’s beauties and get a little workout with it as well. 


Play a little guitar

Playing guitar is also a great way to use up time. I can sit for hours and strum a guitar trying to learn different things off of people on YouTube. Guitar, while being frustrating at times,  is also very satisfying when you reach your goal.