Our Life on Lockdown – Week 4



So this past weekend, I organized an Easter egg hunt for my community naturally because of social distancing and the virus we couldn’t do a real Easter egg hunt. So I did kind of like what they’re doing in New Zealand, where you put an egg decoration in your window it could be paper, it could be drawn, it can be printed. And then the kids in the neighborhood go on a walk and they look for all of the eggs. So we had over 200 eggs, and over 30 different homes in my neighborhood participated. Um, so it was a huge success and then someone actually had the Easter Bunny come out in, well a person in an Easter bunny suit and they were actually riding around in a convertible. So it was very successful.


So, I just got done working out, which is why I look gross, but I figured for this video diary, I would talk about a really cool article that I read. My dad actually sent it to me, because he knew it would be something I’m interested in. It was really about the Garment District in New York City. I’ve always been very interested in fashion, so it was an interested take on Coronavirus actually helping business. Because I know we’ve seen a lot of businesses sort of having to shut their doors and things like that, but there was actually a man who owns a bag – he like makes bags in the Garment District in New York City, which used to be a very booming area, that was where a ton of merchandise came out of, but since the rise of sort of fast fashion and outsourcing for things like that, a lot of, or the majority of clothing comes form places like China, Thailand, Vietnam, so because all of those places, we cant really be doing a lot of trade with them right now, there’s these domestic companies in America that are actually gaining business because of it. There was this one example of the man who, he makes bags, and all the sudden he got this order that was like “I need 10,000 bags. Can you make them in five weeks, and can they have our logo on them?” all that kind of thing. And he was like “yeah, actually, I have my business setup to do that, I just normally don’t, because most people buy things from China.” So I just thought it was really interesting. There are people in that area that are seeing American business actually have to sort of step back up and kind of take over in places where we would normally get shipments in from other countries. It even said in the article that its not a good thing, not something to cheer about, but it’s definitely kind of a little silver lining going on with that. So, yeah. I just thought that was really interesting.


So for this week’s update something a little more simple, just doing a right at my phone kind of video. Honestly these past few weeks have been really boring, my roommates have moved out, it’s just me here and honestly all I’m doing right now is working and doing classwork and I’m tired. Just trying to get it all done. I know it’s been really stressful because you know I feel like a lot of students have free time, I don’t know personally, but I only know for myself like I don’t have free time. When I’m not having zoom classes I’m literally working 3 days a week, full like 8-9 hour days, so I’ve just been trying to stay up-to-date with all the classwork. We are almost done with the semester so I’m just really excited to get it over with, the semester to be over, and then hopefully things can go back to normal, we can start hanging out with people. Just trying to get through this this last push of the semester


Because I don’t have any real updates, I decided to do a quick review of some of the things I’ve been watching while quarantined. Um, maybe give some good ideas to people out there. The first is Tiger King. Everyone, I hope, has seen Tiger King. It is the most unbelievable true story. It’s on Netflix. t’s about the big world of cats, big cats. Just wild story, can’t believe it’s true. 10/10 would recommend, unbelievable. Along the same kind of line of docu-series is McMillions which is on-it was originally an HBO docuseries and now it’s on Hulu. It follows the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion game which ran from about the late 1980s through the early 2000s and it was fixed by two guys, both named Jerry, which is just a fun coincidence. And so it takes you through some white collar crime and how some things are done. Very good, well-made series, would definitely recommend. And there’s also Little Fires Everywhere which is on Hulu and that’s based off the book, Little Fires Everywhere which I’d also recommend. But that’s a really good story about two families and kinda some small-town drama between the two of them but also talks about bigger issues. That’s really good, would recommend. And then for some lighter stuff, New Girl has been my fallback show. I love New Girl, it’s on Netflix, so funny, definitely something to lift the mood when you’re stuck in the house all day.

Now that I think of it, the struggling to do homework thing is starting to make more sense when I think of and review all the television I have watched and movies I have watched. But, those are just some of my top picks um of things to watch. Um hopefully everyone is finding different ways to stay entertained during this tough time.


“In a quarantined world, with no live sports, its people have to adapt and find new ways to pass the time.
Today we have here a traditional starrin’ contest. A challenger is looking to win braggin’ rights until sir governor lets his people go. His opponent? Starrin’ Gary.
Starrin’ Gary has never lost a staring contest in his life. Legend has it that some people have been dehydrated trying to beat this ruffian. His stare is so locked in it almost looks painted on.
As our contest begins, the challenger looks to keep his focus. Yet, Starrin’ Gary will not let up.
The challenger is doin’ everything he can to not blink, for blinking is a sign of weakness, somethin’ that starrin’ Gary never has.
The two faces lock with each other as the duel enters a critical point. Our challenger doin’ all he can to maintain his composure, but Starrin’ Gary will still not let up.
Our challenger can only hold on for so long…Starrin’ Gary claims another victim.
Alas, our poor challenger succumbs to this challengin’ task. Starrin’ Gary bobbles his head in tauntin’ victory. Who can ever beat…Starrin’ Gary?”
Music in the video:
“Db-blues Rock 4-JP” by D Baltulonis, downloaded from JinglePunks.com


Hi, my name is Aliyah Dorsey and I’m a journalism student. This semester I’m working with WMUB, and here is my quarantine video diary. So by this point, most people have like a quarantine schedule. I don’t have a quarantine schedule. I’m just kind of like throwing my schedule at the wind and hoping for the best. So this week for this series of video diaries, I’m going to be trying to establish a quarantine schedule. So I’ve gotten dressed already. I love wearing all black. I recently found this duster that my sister had borrowed from me and it just been in her trunk and then we had to clean out her trunk for quarantine and put more groceries in there and that’s when I found my duster. And I was like I thought I lost this duster. But now I have it so I’m dressed now we’re going to go do hair makeup so see you in a bit. So I was doing my makeup and as you can see it was going pretty well but my sister decided that she wanted to come in and smear a giant black spot in my face and I want that to be known in a public forum, I want to be known the she just came into the bathroom and decided to ruin my makeup. So now I need to fix this, which is an easy fix, but I’m still annoyed by it so. So nothing else of interest really happened today. I’ve just been kind of chilling around my house I hung out with my sister a little bit, we made some tic toks. A lot of tic tocs actually, we danced together. And you know, we watched a movie with my sister and my mom. Other than that it’s kind of late and I want to get up early tomorrow and get some homework done. So I’m going to take my makeup off and I’m going to go to sleep and wake up early tomorrow and the do it all over again. I realized I totally left ya’ll hanging yesterday, but yesterday was like a family holiday. We really just kind of wanted to spend time with each other yesterday, so I wasn’t really on my phone a whole lot. But basically what we did is my mom live streamed a service yesterday morning, and then I got up and she made us breakfast. And so we ate breakfast together. And then we just kind of hung around my house. You know, I played with my nephew, I talked to my sister, my sister and my favorite show came back yesterday. We love Insecure so we’re going to probably watch that together soon. Also, also, I worked… I had a Netflix party with some friends and we watched Into the Spiderverse on Netflix. So that was really good. And then I worked on some notes for class that are due this morning, actually and up early to finish up the rest of those notes. So I’m going to be doing that. I’ll check back in with you guys later this afternoon. I’m probably just gonna be mostly doing research research today. I have a couple of papers that are due both this week and next week since my my whole like, my semester is coming to a close. So I’ll check back in later, right. Bye. Hey, so this is my last video diary for the week. Um, nothing particular interests happened today. Mostly today I’ve been doing my online classes. I’ve been working on last bit of my research for my Emily Dixon class, I think I have like three more horses, three more sources that I need for that I’m making about another paper from the class and how I want to structure that so I’ve been doing some outlines for that. And I have two presentations tomorrow on the research for those two classes. So I was preparing What I was going to say during all those presentations that I’ve done that my mom made me mashed potatoes for dinner and they were very good mashed potatoes. As you probably see in my clips, I spent a lot of time with my nephew, as I spend a lot of time with him every day. He’s gotten into the habit of like saying his name a lot, and it’s very cute. Or like, earlier today, we gave him some french fries from lunch and he was like in his high chair, and he went I love french fries and it was adorable and I wish I got it on camera but I didn’t. But it was very cute. Because french fries are is here at food. Oh, so that happened my family talked about doing like a movie night this weekend. Um, so I think we’re gonna do that. I think we’re going to figure out movie to watch. It’ll probably be something that Kaden actually would want to see. He really liked the first trolls movie. So I think we’ll probably watch trolls: world tour since like that’s coming out right now we might do that. I don’t know. Or I think my mom mentioned that there’s a Tiffany Haddish movie that’s out right now. And so we might do that. I don’t know. We’re going to watch something together but we were just thinking might do want to do more like family activities, since a quarantine is a thing. But yeah, that’s kind of my thing. Also, also, I had a quiz and I studied for a said quiz. I forgot about that. I did that today, too. So yeah, I I’ve just been like, doing homework and cranking it out. Um, but yeah. Basically, I know I said at the beginning of this I wanted to have a routine. And I most certainly don’t have routine but you know what, maybe, maybe I’m not meant for one. However, I have been better about doing my makeup this week, which is like a thing I used to do. Before all this started, I would do my makeup occasionally. So, you know, I’ve done that more often and I’m going to consider that a plus. Other than that, I’m going to go to bed. And then my rest up for the presentations I have tomorrow, and wish me luck on those. And thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope that you all are staying healthy and staying safe. All right, good night.


“The reunion at hand may bring joy, it may bring fear, but let us embrace whatever it brings. For they are coming back, at last the promise has been made.”
This week has been, um, a very good one. I have caught up on all schoolwork. I just have a lot more free time to do any and everything.
So, last Friday a highly anticipated video game came out, and that would be, Final Fantasy 7 Remake. A remake of the 1997 classic, this game amazing!
It’s pretty amazing how far they went in recreating everything and overhauling battle menus.
Everything about the game mechanically, visually, character dialogue. All the things like that, it is just blowing my mind how amazing this game is.


Hey, everyone, it’s Friday, April 10th, I’m Yasmeen. I wanted to do something a little different for
my video diary this week. I’m going to a video of me taking out my twists and washing my hair
because they’ve been in for 5 or 6 weeks at this point so I think this will be just a fun distraction
from all of the very stress inducing times that we’re dealing with right now.
I took all of my twists out and now it’s time to start washing my hair.
Ok, my hair is all washed, all the goodies are in it so there’s one thing left that I have to do and
that’s get my diffuser and start diffusing these curls.