Resident Assistants needed on campus during the COVID pandemic

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, some students have left Mercer’s campus for good, but relocating is not that easy. Safety, travel bans and other unforeseen circumstances have led some students to stay on campus. This means Resident Assistants, RA, are still needed. 

Phoebe Capps, a sophomore and resident assistant said, “I kind of had a moral dilemma, in the beginning, trying to decide what the best thing for me to do for others.” 

In March, Mercer University President William Underwood confirmed that classes would not be resuming on campus for the remainder of the spring semester due to the virus. 

The Office of Housing and Residence Life has remained open on campus and updated the check-out process to reduce as much contact as possible. Students have the ability to move their belongings off-campus sporadically. 

“It’s kind of hard because the best thing I can do is nothing for the most part in a lot of ways. And it makes me feel a little bit helpless that I can’t be helping at this time,” Capps said. 

Daily responsibilities have been divided up between the remaining RA’s. 

Residents have been advised to limit the number of people to help them move and to coordinate with their roommate so they aren’t moving at the same time.