‘No perfect time to have a kid’: Pregnancy during the coronavirus

Expectant mother, Evey Wilson, is learning a big lesson as she gets closer to her due date at the end of April. “There’s just never like the perfect time to have a kid,” she said.

This is the Mercer University professor’s first pregnancy. With hospitals putting restrictions in place, Wilson is worried about the possibility of having to deliver her first child alone.

“I would really like to have my husband in the room, mainly as just an advocate for me, because I know I’m going to be exhausted and tired,” said Wilson.

Wilson is scheduled to deliver at Navicent Health. So far, their policy is that moms can have at least one person in the room. Dr. Padmashree “Champa” Chaudhury Woodham, the director of maternal fetal medicine at the Medical Center, Navicent Health, does not expect the policy to change.

“I’ve been telling all my moms to just prepare for the worst case scenario and we would only be doing this for safety. You know, reasons for mom and baby,” Woodham said. “In the best case scenario, they still continue to have that one support. So if they’re mentally prepared for that, they can only be happy if we still are able to hopefully allow that.”

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