Five Most Instagram Worthy Locations in Macon


We checked out some of the most Instagram-worthy places in Macon according to our location filter on the app! Take a picture in any of these places, and you’ll get to see the most beautiful sights in the city—all while getting that double-tap.

1. Amerson River Park

Just ten minutes outside of downtown, Amerson River Park is a breathtaking escape into the stunning nature of middle Georgia. Complete with hiking trails, a winding river, and plenty of gorgeous scenery, it’s basically impossible to not take a good picture here.

2. Coleman Hill 

Nestled near Mercer University, Coleman Hill is decked out in cool sculptures and artwork. It’s got an amazing view of the whole city, and with the blossoming trees, now is the best time to go.

3. The Rookery’s Alleyway 

The Rookery is one of the most quintessential Macon restaurants, so after you grab a milkshake, be sure to step outside and stroll down the alleyway beside it. It’s decked out in super pretty strung lights, so nighttime is your best bet.

4. The ‘I Love Macon’ Sculpture 

This place speaks for itself. Gifted by the ‘I Love Macon’ organization, this statue is a great way to spread some Macon pride. The ‘M’ shape gives you lots of cute posing opportunities, so go ahead and show that city spirit. You can find the statue on Forsyth Street.

5. Top of the Georgia College & Public Parking Garage 

Did you know it’s possible to see all of Macon at once? Drive (or take several flights of stairs) to the top of the Georgia College and Public Parking Garage on MLK Jr. Boulevard, and take in the view. It’s absolutely magnificent, and a guaranteed Instagram hit.

Where do YOU like to take photos in Macon?