WMUB News Minute: Ethan Stair


Today I spoke with Mercer University guard Ethan Stair about his class nomination and award acknowledging and individuals’ accomplishments in the classroom, community, competition and character.

“I mean off the court things can mean things such as like in the classroom, keeping grades up, helping out in the community, just you know, displaying some sort of leadership skills,” said Stair.

Teammate Neftali Alvarez spoke to me about Ethan’s leadership on the court and off on.>

“I think Ethan is a leader in the court, because he plays for the team. He help’s everybody and outside the court, I think he’s a leader because he’s focused on classes. He’s trying to help people and for me, that’s, that’s a leadership,” said Alvarez.

One of Ethan’s favorite community projects was building homes with Habitat for Humanity.

“The most fun projects we did was Habitat for Humanity. And we actually get to go and build a house for family in need. It was pretty fun. We just got to like hangout with the family. You know, putting like insulation and Stuff like that paint the house. Pretty much clean it up,” said Stair.

Ethan is currently working on his Master of Education, Higher Education Leadership and is set to graduate this spring with the Center for collaborative journalism. I’m Richard Garcia.>\