WMUB News Minute: Macon Arts Gallery


This week, we visited the Macon Arts Alliance Gallery to see their Drawn to Macon exhibition, Executive Director, Julie Wilkerson discussed the current exhibit and beyond.

“This is the third year we’ve done an exhibit and sale that we call Drawn to Macon and what we were really excited about this year was choosing 20 women to send us their interpretations of drawing and Macon. These are local artists,” said Julie Wilkerson.

The name Drawn to Macon is a bit deceiving as the gallery has accepted various forms of art ranging from sculpts, paintings, to drawings.

“It was very interesting because I think for us, it was this celebration of women. But for them, it also turned out to be sort of a way that they were bonded together and talking about their experiences as women artists, and what was great about that and what those struggles were,” said Wilkerson.

The gallery features a new exhibit every first Friday of the month. The current exhibit will be swapped out for a Botanica charging artist to interpret a botanical theme.