WMUB News Minute: Voting Outreach


Here at WMAZ’s listening lab, passionate people in the community have come to voice their thoughts on the topics most important to them.

Crause: Getting the law enforcement agencies back to where they need to be as far as their staffing is concerned and what needs to be done about then I have concerns about the roads and economic development of the community.

By filling out a short 5 question survey this allows WMAZ to see the issues felt most important by a majority of the community and some gave their thoughts on the survey and the event itself.

Crause: Yeah, they did a good job making it accessible and timeframes for different folks. They did a good job making this accessible for the population to get out and say have to say and let people know.

A wide variety of topics were available on the survey from jobs all the way to road conditions as well as a spot to put any issue not listed.

I thought the questions they had on the survey were really pertinent to what most people talk about, they have concerns with. I was able to check off my five greatest concerns.