WMUB News Minute: Founders’ Day


“Okay so, the Heritage Life committee is in charge of planning all of the events that have to do with Mercer’s traditions and Heritage. So, I plan…I have a committee and we plan
Founders Day, Christmas tree lighting and We Are Mercer. We usually do We Are Mercer with Res Life,” said Alexis Passemore.

She also says that founders day has had a large impact on her as a student.

“I think it’s cool to hear from someone like I said, who is very successful and went to this university that that we all are very blessed to attend. And its cool to see where they are they are in life and where we could be too.”

I also spoke with Ivo Rollins who’s a freshman at Mercer University about what her first founders day was like.

“Founders day was really well to me hearing someone who is a double bear talk about Mercer and that kind of light, made me feel that I chose the right place.
And knowing that He was a person of color made it even more real to me and it made me feel that I’m making the right choice by being here and that I can one day accomplish great things too,” said Ivia Rollins.