WMUB News Minute: TraffickJam

36 hundred … that’s the amount of kids who are sold into sex trafficking every year in Georgia according to Street Grace, a Georgia nonprofit working to combat this issue. That’s enough to fill 72 school buses. Traffick Jam, is a student run group on Mercer University’s campus, that works to bring awareness to crime. Elizabeth Carter is the group’s social media manager.

“Traffick Jam is a brand that [is a] student-run organization and there’s the CSL class that’s currently at over 100 students and they go into Macon high schools
and they teach them how to prevent sex trafficking.”

Teaching the warning signs of human trafficking has been eye opening for some of the groups members.

“I’m actually a student for the Traffick Jam course here at Mercer. It’s become a very eye-opening experience on what sex trafficking is. It’s not all about what you see in the movies like Taken or whatever. It’s involved in a lot of different areas. Our focus is mainly the domestic minor sex trafficking, but the same rules kind of apply to all age groups.”

To get involved, you can reach the group [email protected] With the Center for Collaborative Journalism, I’m Maggie Shannon.