WMUB Reports: Student Burn-Out


With the college semester coming to a quick end, students are facing the end of their long and hard work. But what does all these late hours in the library do to students? are students feeling the pressure? And if so, how they handle it? Students Jacey Huggins shares her thoughts.

It was like you didn’t do any of my work. I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything. And I just slept all the time. I was actually just burnt out and it was awful and it was sized. I’m still burnt out, but I just like I’m like, all right. My degree is more important than like basically mental health and basically like my burnt out ness. But yeah, that’s all I had. That’s how I got out of it.

For years, the last three years, I hanging 18 every single semester, I basically had two types of burnouts are different for like STEM majors. It’s. It’s a lot more like this kind of sounds bad, but I feel like poli sci and like other departments have more leniency or more with understanding toward mental health and people being burned out. So I have friends that like it.

They’ll email their professor and be like, hey, I can’t like I just can’t do this paper. Can I have an extension? And usually they give it to you in STEM. Not really. Like I’ve had I’ve talked my person before and just like, hey, look, I just I’m having a bad week. Can I just get this to you? No, no, sorry. Kept me like a little hammer and die and I didn’t get out of a test. And so like that contributes to issues like the fact that like knowing like kind of the STEM department doesn’t care about mental health, like being people being burnt out, but they just like don’t really acknowledge it. It kind of like contributes to like me being productive and that 100 percent contributed. And then like, maybe they should have more communication entirely depart only where they can be like, all right, if I have like a tat like this, don’t schedule test on the same day, basically like don’t get your test the same week. Or just like make a conscious effort. Just be like let me just spread this out for them.