WMUB Reports: Understanding Your Civic Duty


All in favor of the ordinance say I, all opposed say nah, the Is’ have it and the ordnance is adopted.

It’s your government and we’re spending taxpayer’s money and make decisions. And so sometimes your presence influences us.

AL Tilman Mayor pro tem. Macon-Bibb county.

It Is important for the community to stay engaged. I mean, one hundred sixty-four million dollars and decisions are being made on the behalf of citizens. Your presents, It also influences and lets other citizens because just because we want citizen to speak in a lot of times it represents more than just that one person. You’re representing the whole community. How somebody feels. So it’s always important for us to hear how you feel.

I do think that there needs to be some sort of link to an annual increase for the employees, and I might offer a suggestion so we don’t get ourselves tired upside-down, you might want to consider tying it the CPI.

The Chief medical officer, who is an RN, earned 373,717 dollars.

Economic development for a city is a competitive endeavor, if taxes are raised on Macon companies, that increases the chances that they will relocate.

The Book of Daniel, chapter Nine. In the first year of Darius son or Xerxes, a Mede by decent, why was made king over the Babylonians.

So, you know, we just encourage people to stay engaged and come out. And if you’re interested in having us out, come out to a meeting, community event, anybody, just schedule it. And I’ll be glad to come to wherever you are, your group organization and update you on what’s happening. And so I’m willing to do to address the mayor pro tem enough. I’m just hoping others do that.