The Calmer Side of Orlando Florida for Vacation


If you are living in Macon GA, I am sure one destination that always pops into heads is to visit Orlando Florida. Orlando is home to many of the top theme park and attractions in the world such as Disney, and Universal Studios. When people visit Orlando, it is typically to take themselves or their families to enjoy what Orlando is known for; Disney and Universal


If you want to visit Orlando you wouldn’t think about relaxing in quiet times, but Orlando has a place that is quite the complete opposite of the theme park reality. It’s called Seminole State Forest, it’s roughly 25 minutes north of the city and is one of the most ecological diverse forest. It is a great way to explore a calm and quiet vacation without going to the theme parks.

The forest is 27,540 acres and is home to multiple hiking trails to go and explore. These hiking trails consist of walking trails, horseback trails and rivers to canoe or kayak in. The forest consists of roughly 24 miles worth of trails to explore some of Florida’s most unique ecological systems. It is home to roughly 4,300 acres of sand pine scrub which is unique to the state and ecologically important to the state forest.

The park has two rivers to enjoy. These rivers are part of Florida’s Wekiva river system. These rivers are called the Lower Wekiva Loop trail and the North Sulphur Island Loop trail. The Lower Wekiva Loop Trail is 10.4 miles round trip and the North Sulphur Island Loop Trail is 8.5 miles round trip. The river is not a fast-flowing river, which allows you time to look along the basin and really take in the unique diversity within the forest.

Campsites are scattered throughout the forest as well and consist of eight different camp sites to stay at. Three of the sites are located along the Florida Scenic Trail which is a walk up trail you can take anytime. The camp sites also have fire rings and picnic tables to enjoy.

Orlando might be known for it’s theme parks but for people in Middle Georgia going to theme parks will be enjoyable but what if you want a day of relaxation and exploration that isn’t filled with loud rides, people and big crowds. Seminole State Forest allows you to take a break from them park activities in Orlando and enjoy the outdoors.