WMUB Reports: Students Celebrating Pride


OK so I buy I bought like these garter tights for pride. 

I like faux garter tights. I bought those and probably going to wear like a skirt or like some like short shorts and a bralette for pride. And then I want to do my hair into two knots. And I’m going to do like the bi pride flag on my eyes for like my eye shadow. My friend’s gonna like draw one on my cheek and I’m going to get real big. 

I‘m gonna be covered in glitter by the end of the night. It’ll be fine. 

My name is Alia Dorsey and I am the event coordinator for common ground, common ground is Mercer University’s gay straight alliance. 

Pride is  like the culmination of like everything. That the LGBTQ  plus community has kind of like been through. You know I think it’s important to meet in groups of people who are like you and I kind of feel that love and feel that connection that kind of happens at Pride. Like I like the very first  pride like was a riot you know it was like Stonewall for like if you’re in the US you know. And like Stonewall was like what kick off of people acknowledging that LGBT people existed and that we deserved rights and that we deserved to be able to live our lives as any other Americans get to live their lives you know. And. I think that I think that pride is very important to memorialize that. And I think it’s just. Like. 

Now it’s kind of like a large party. I think there are still like so activism roots too in some places like i  think specifically like In Atlanta, being like a hub of queer communities in that way at least in Georgia. I think. It’s just like a really good time and a really good moment I think it’s like a self care thing to be honest. To be able to like be with a lot of people who like share my identity and then people who like don’t and. Just kind of feel that like acceptance and love that you might not be able to feel like all year round. Oh. It’s just like first of all it’s a ton of people like it is just like a massive amount of people like just imagine like a big parade like that’s what kind of energy that it has. There’ll be lots of dancing there’ll be rainbows everywhere. There’ll be confetti and lots of  music lots of dancing. Some people like they’ll give out like free hugs and kisses at Pride. So it’s like a very kind of close intimate kind of setting in that way. It’ll just be. Like. Like this the best party you ever been to. You have friends. And then you like make friends. At the same time. So yeah it’ll be like a lot of very high energy I think is kind of what pride is. It’ll be a really good time and I’m very excited about that.