The Masters isn’t just golf and the green jacket: Here are 22 takeaways from the week

Tiger Woods may be the story, but there’s much more to the Masters than what is happening in front of your eyes on television. After spending Wednesday-Sunday at Augusta National, The Macon Telegraph compiled a list of 22 takeaways from the five-day golf experience.

Here are the things from the Masters you may not experience from afar.

1. Watching Tiger Woods on a Sunday, you hear — not see.

2. The Masters gift shop has a wide variety of Masters-labeled gifts. Some prices are high (collared shirts are $85), but some aren’t too bad: Hats are $26, and some T-shirts are roughly $30. The range of gifts at the store even includes playing cards and Masters sunscreen. Wonder if it protects you from the sun better.

3. If you want to see players, Thursday and Friday are the better days to go. Saturday and — especially — Sunday became too difficult to see golf without planning ahead or sitting in grandstands. On the flip side, it was rather easy to get close and personal to your favorite players on Thursday and Friday.

4. Not carrying around a cellphone on the course reminds even those addicted to technology that there is something special about simply being in the moment.

5. As long as he is playing golf, Tiger Woods will never be dethroned as the major fan favorite.

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