The Masters experience through the lens of a Middle Georgia boy and his father


Walking up to No. 2 green at Augusta National, my eyes were peeled on Keith Mitchell. But then I heard a voice calling.

As I peered over my shoulder, I noticed a man and his son. The man, Roger Culver, was wearing a collared shirt with “Brickyard” printed on the chest. Knowing The Brickyard is the name of a Macon golf course, my interest was piqued.

Roger had noticed the orange “Mercer Golf” lettering and white, cursive “Hayes Rule” underneath it on the backpack draped over my shoulders.

“You’re from Mercer?” Roger asked.

I said yes, which led to a 7-hole walk through the blooming azaleas, pristine fairways (but muddy walkways) and historic holes of Augusta with a father, his son and some random journalist simply soaking in the experience.

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