Just Curious: What Is Macon Vegans Meetup?

In the last decade there’s been substantial growth in the population of people transitioning into eating a plant-based diet.

Now what is a plant-based or vegan diet? It’s when someone does not consume meat, dairy, eggs or any form of animal byproducts into their diet.

Gigi Weaver, the founder of Macon Vegans, is on a mission to bring together local vegans as well as people interested in going vegan.

She started Macon Vegans Meetup, which will be happening every month, to help inform people on how to live a healthy plant-based lifestyle in Macon.

“I started this group to not just to support local vegans, but our community as a whole. I want to bring those two things together and really make an impact in our community,” Weaver said.

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