Photo Story: Macon at Night

Macon, a city that is only a shell of what it used to be. The downtown area is filled with derelict buildings and scars of what Macon once was: a bustling city of 122,423 with flourishing transportation and textile industry. But then, the money moved away, away from Macon to other towns of America or overseas. What remained were ruins that more resembled a Hollywood post-apocalypse movie set than a city (“Zombieland 2” is set to be filmed in Macon soon, actually).

Then there came a new breath of life flowing in Macon, amongst the ruins, rising from the ashes. From the buildings that had been dark for decades, lights started flickering on. Slowly but surely, corner by corner, street by street, block by block, lights are starting to come on. Macon is coming back to life.