Doretha Curtis’s Journey to Making Every Face Beautiful

Doretha Curtis has owned Le’ Face salon for eight years.

In a shop off Cotton Avenue, you’ll find Doretha Curtis’s salon she has refined for eight years. Curtis’s salon, Le’ Face, offers more than just the traditional salon services. Curtis has perfected her art of blending makeup and performing her customized services over years of professionalism.

Curtis began her journey into makeup from a young age. Her mother inspired her. As a child, Curtis used to watch her mother paint and from her, Curtis said she learned how to be an artist.

“In watching her paint I developed her eye for symmetry and color and all of those things,” Curtis said.

Curtis first entered the makeup world through Mac and Clinique in Chicago. She worked a decade between the two, taking classes and learning how to understand makeup. Curtis said she loved how fun it was.

“I got to be so good that people were buying makeup off of my face charts,” Curtis said.

She got her start into her first salon by being hired off the floor of Nordstrom Mac. She was hired by an affluent salon in Chicago, where she worked for three years.

Shortly after, Curtis was in a car accident. It was during her recovery that she spotted another salon and applied for a job there.

It was a long shot because she was asking for a lot of money and when the offer came back, it was a no. Then, she got a call two weeks later saying that they had changed their mind.

“They put me in one of the most affluent neighborhoods to work and I had to learn how to navigate that crowd of people because that’s a very different mentality,” Curtis said.

During her time at the upscale salon, Curtis said she learned how to build a great clientele. She was paid hourly so she started out by giving freebies. Then, after she had customers return, she relied on her loyal client base.  

“People were looking for the skill level,” she said. “When everybody was doing mattes, matte brown, matte beige, matte this, I got my hands on any shimmer I could and I was working it into those mattes. And it was exciting for people. They loved it. It made me stand out.”

When Curtis heard about Macon from a client, she decided that she would look into settling down somewhere in the South.

Curtis said she moved to Macon because she wanted to slow down and she was “seeking an adventure.”

Before Le’ Face, Curtis worked in Centerville at different salons and struggled to build a clientele. Deciding to start her own business, she began Le’ Face and over the course of eight years, has created a loyal client base.

Curtis said that she had to find her niche.

“The people who come here actually are looking for customer service, they’re looking for skill level, they’re looking for excellent products,” Curtis said.

In her eighth year at Le’ Face. Curtis prides herself on a professional and friendly atmosphere. She said all of her products are tripled board, plastic surgeon certified. Curtis said all of her products can be used on sensitive skin.    

“I don’t bring anything in here that I haven’t tested myself,” Curtis said. “I treat my customers as individuals.”