Bear’s Beat Report: Ocmulgee Brew Pub Celebrates Two Years


Ocmulgee Brewpub just celebrated two years of beers and burgers. I talked to brewpub employee Janice Etheridge about what made these past two years a success. She says the key is Ocmulgee’s authenticity.

“I definitely like to think it’s the people. We focus a lot on customer service, on making people feel like a part of our community in Macon and inside the store. It’s a family when you walk in”, says Janice Etheridge, an employee of the pub. “It’s also consistent, good food and you have that fresh-brewed taste in the fresh-brewed atmosphere which is really cool. I think it leads to our success that we try to keep everything a high, consistent level.”

Brewmaster Doug Evans introduced me to the four anniversary brews. He calls the collected, “The Dark Side.”

“For our anniversary beers, we did a barrel-aged series. Basically, we took the same Russian imperial style and then we aged them in four different types of barrels. We did Woodford Reserve barrel, we did a tequila barrel, the Buffalo Trace barrel and we also did a Captain Morgan barrel”, says Doug Evans, a Brew Master.