9 No-Fail Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a joyful time of the year, but it’s also a time when procrastination gets the best of some people. While buying holiday gifts can be fun for some, for others it can be a horrendous task to complete. For those of us who struggle with finding the right gift or just don’t have the time to think of the perfect gift, this list is for you.

1. Gift Cards 

Gift cards top the list when it comes to last-minute gift ideas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying someone a gift card to their favorite boutique, clothing store or restaurant. Who doesn’t love free money?

2. Photo Collage

This one comes in handy for the friends or family members who you have a billion and one pictures of. All you need are the pictures and the poster board or canvas. This heartfelt gift allows you to skip out on the Christmas shopping lines.

3. Jar Lights 

This do-it-yourself project is fun, quick and definitely adds to the cozy feeling of Christmas. For this gift, all you need is mason jar and string lights. Who wouldn’t want this accessory to add to their room decor?

4. Soap and Sugar Scrubs

For the ones of us who like to get crafty, creating a soap or sugar scrub for our aromatherapy-loving friends or family members is a great way to go for a Christmas gift. A lot of sugar scrubs are made from ingredients that you can find right in the kitchen. Finish it off with a mason jar and a festive bow and you have yourself a Christmas gift.

5. A Book, Vinyl, CD or Movie Recommendation

Everyone has to love at least one of these options. A book, movie or music recommendation is an easy go-to gift that allows you to be thoughtful but still be time efficient. Get a personal favorite of yours that you think the person would enjoy and write a little note to go along with it! 

6. Jewelry 

This gift works for almost everyone! Whether it is a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a necklace or even a wristwatch, gifting someone with a piece of jewelry is a timeless gift that never tires.

7. A Coffee Mug

Buying the tea or coffee drinker in your life a coffee mug can be a small yet thoughtful gift. You can even get super creative and get the mug monogrammed or find one that fits the personality of the person you’re gifting the mug to. 

8. Winter Clothing Accessories 

Getting someone a pair of fuzzy socks, a scarf or another winter accessory is a perfect gift to get someone for the cold, winter months. In this category, there is a gift for everyone.

9. A Candle 

Gifting someone with a candle is a timeless gift that will not get old. Everyone wants a great smell in their home to make it feel cozier during these winter months.