Five shows to binge over Thanksgiving weekend

It’s great to spend time with family especially at Thanksgiving. But sometimes you just need a break. Binge watching a show is a great way to escape all the holiday fuss and get some much-needed rest.

Here are five shows to binge over the Thanksgiving holiday.

1. “The Dragon Prince” 

A lovely children’s show with a good plot and a lot of heart, “The Dragon Prince” is currently available to stream on Netflix. This show is a great one if you have a younger cousin whom you can stand. You can watch the show together and enjoy some nice family bonding. The show is appropriate for all ages, so you won’t even have to cover your 5-year-old cousin MackKinleigh’s eyes during the “scary parts.”


2. “Homecoming” 

“Homecoming” is based off a science fiction podcast of the same name. “Homecoming” is not a show that MackKinleigh would enjoy, so this one is more of a solo act. However, when your weird aunt “Vegan Gail” comes in and harasses you for the 11th time about why you enjoy eating the flesh of dead animals on holidays, the sight of Julia Roberts on your screen might be enough to silence her. I mean, who doesn’t love Julia Roberts?


3. “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”

Now, this one I don’t know as much about. All of my friends are telling me about it, and that’s what you should tell your family. This Netflix reboot came out on Nov. 13, so you can tell your family that your friends all binged it and loved it, but you’re just now finding time to watch it. Then, when Uncle Calvin makes a fuss about you not wanting to sit and talk with him for hours about his offensive opinions, you can just say, “Sorry. I won’t have time to watch “She-Ra” once I get back to school, so it’s now or never offensive Uncle Calvin!”


4. “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

This show is not at all like the original “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” It is scary and dark and the cat cannot talk as of yet. This show is a time bomb if you’re watching it in a house with old people, though, because it’s about witchcraft. Ever since Harry Potter exploded into the zeitgeist, old people have been worrying that all of the kids were going to become gay witches. Even though they were pretty much right, they still shouldn’t harass you if your headphones are in and you’re watching the “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.”


5. Maniac

Emma Stone is in this great Netflix show. Everyone with bad taste loved “La La Land,” so if anyone problematic comes in to interrupt your viewing, they will see Stone and just leave you alone because they’ll know, deep in their hearts, that Stone is a triple threat who isn’t to be interrupted.