Live blog: ‘Every vote counts. All of them’: Voters in Macon say they want change


Joe Kovac Jr. [email protected]

Embray Patterson steps out of his voting precinct at Glorious Hope Missionary Baptist Church on Napier Avenue in Macon.

7:30 p.m.: Barbara White, poll manager at the Middle Georgia State University location, said that lines were long but moved quickly.

“When we opened this morning, we had a line at the front door and up the sidewalk,” she said. “It moved fast.”

She said that over 1400 voted at that location, with the last person casting their ballot at 7:10 p.m.

— Emily Rose Thorne and Rylee Kirk, CCJ contributors

7:25 p.m.: Only a few people were left when polls were about to close at Mable White Baptist Church on Bass Rd.

“I should have come early because the lines were very long, but for the most part it was okay- I wasn’t nervous,” Georgia voter Katrina Trice said.

When asked about the importance of voting, residents expressed how important it was to make sure that people’s voices are heard.

“Well they’re spending your money, so when they’re spending your money you want to make sure that you’re getting the people that you want,” another Georgia voter James Andrew said

. People came out to vote for this election because they felt like a lot was at stake.

“I voted back in 2012, it was great, Obama was running. Now we have all of these people and they’re not bring much to the table,” Trice said. “From the previous things that have happened in the court systems we need something different.”

— Camryn Jackson and Mahima Sultan, CCJ contributors

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