A local boy scout group has a new home in a long-abandoned historic building


Eryn Lee

Robbie Thomas (far left) and a group of Eagle Scouts at a troop meeting in front of the Troop 5 Hut on September 18.

For 13 years, the Troop 5 Boy Scout Hut on Ingleside Avenue sat abandoned and disheveled. Now thanks to the efforts of a curious young man, both the troop and hut are active once again.

Robbie Thomas, an Eagle Scout from Gray, Ga., stumbled upon the hut by chance back in 2015.

“As happenstance would go, I took a wrong turn on my way to a dentist appointment and noticed an old hut with a hole kicked in the door,” Thomas said. “I let myself in and realized it was abandoned.”

According to Thomas, the hut deteriorated to the point of vines growing through the windows and certain areas needed replacing.

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