Man goes to Dubai and back in order to propose at Mercer football game


Hayes Rule

Ike Ekeke and Deborah Ayoade got engaged at the Mercer Homecoming game against ETSU on Saturday.

As Deborah Ayoade lined up for a field goal, all eyes were on her as she kicked in hopes of winning a Zaxby’s gift card. She reared back and swung her leg, glancing up at the uprights as her shoe flew into the air. Short.

But as she looked down, her boyfriend Ike Ekeke glanced up at her and pulled out a ring.

“I got off work at midnight, and I almost wasn’t going to come,” Ayoade said. “But he kept saying, ‘No, you have to come. It’s Homecoming.’ I literally have been in Macon for less than an hour.”

She received a little better prize than a Zaxby’s gift card.

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