An Explainer: Macon Mayhem’s Ice

With the ice hockey season quickly approaching, it’s going to get a little colder at the Macon Coliseum as the Macon Mayhem get ready to take the ice. I asked Game Day Operations Director, Collin Mitchell about what goes into putting the ice down at the Coliseum for the start of the season.

Water it down and let it freeze

The Coliseum crew lays down water one layer at a time and allows it to freeze. They then add more water and allow that to freeze.

Paint it up

The clear, frozen layers are painted white using a spray machine that also paints the necessary boundary lines and colors onto the ice.

Team and sponsorship logos are then added followed by more water for the appropriate thickness between three-fourths and 1.5 inches. Then, there is another freeze-over.

What happens afterward?

After the game is over, there is a new layer of water sprayed over the skated ice which is again frozen over. The ice is then cut by a blade to keep it the same level for a fresh layer of ice for the next game.

The ice is covered up with a floor for non-ice events such as concerts and truck shows that take place during hockey season.

Time for clean up!

At the end of hockey season, the ice needs to be taken out.

First, the Coliseum workers turn off cooling coils in the arena flow allowing the ice to melt. They take out the logos and stow them away for next year.

Finally, they use shovels and wheelbarrows to take the melted ice remnants out of the arena and into the dumpster!

Now that you know more about what goes into a hockey game, you should be ready to go when the Mayhem drops the puck.