These breweries are in the middle of nowhere Georgia, but totally worth the drive


Jenna Eason

Dee Moore, the brewmaster at Omaha Brewing Co., watches the line Wednesday as he and his team can a beer called Hannahatchee Creek India Pale Ale, also known as an IPA. The brewery offers free tours and has a tasting room.

Roll down the windows and enjoy Georgia’s warm breeze on your way to these breweries and a distillery in the middle-of-nowhere.

After driving on bumpy roads with an endless supply of trees, muscadine grape vines come into view in front of an abandoned school building in which a brewery was built.

Although there was only farmland on the 30-minute ride to a rum distillery, the water tower with the distillery’s product name on it allows travelers to know they are headed in the right direction. The distillery smelled of vanilla and caramel, as sugar cane from a nearby farm fermented in a tank.

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